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Our goal is to help you to get ride of any pain that you might have in your back or neck and to achieve this we use Manual and Exercise Therapy.

There are various forms of manual therapy, from the high velocity techniques (HVT) to the more gentle mobilisations.

In the Practice Adriaan Brouw we use only gentle mobilisation techniques as we consider they provide the improvement needed in the functioning of the spine.

Manual therapy is compared to chiropractic therapy: they both have the same goal which is to resolve musculoskeletal problems, manuele therapie in Den Haagdespite the use of different techniques.

Treatment of problems with Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is an effective treatment for problems in:

  • hernia
  • lower back pain
  • sciatica
  • lumbago
  • neck pain
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • and every joint in the body ( knees, shoulders, etc.)

Prevention of problems with Manual and Exercise Therapy

Problems in the back and neck evolve over time. With regular check ups (twice a year) we can help you identify and prevent small dysfunctions turning into for example herniation. Our exercises programs will support you in the meantime.  

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Improvement of posture with Exercise Therapy

We have developed a series of exercises to help you improve your posture and restore your physical and musculoskeletal balance.

They are aimed at relaxing or strengthening the major Manuele therapie in den Haag, nekbehandelingmuscle groups associated with the functioning of specific parts of the body, like the lower back or neck.

By doing the exercises on a regular basis you strengthen and heal your body and prevent the return of pain at the same time.

Treatment plan

Most problems can be solved in three or four treatments. Depending on the complaint, we propose a treatment plan in consultation with the patient.

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Our practice is located in The Hague, Colijnplein 12a. Situated near the Savornin Lohmanplein shopping center. You can easily reach us by bus 23 or tram 3. There is free parking space.



Manual therapy is proven to be the most effective treatment method in back and neck pain

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About me

Adriaan Brouw

Adriaan Brouw

Studied at the school for manual therapy Utrecht

Specialized in a mechanical approach to back and neck pain.

A good analysis of te entire body is necessary to get to the root of the problem


Prevent the recurrence back and neck pain by exercising and regular checkups