Adriaan Brouw, Manual Therapist in The Hague

For almost ten years I have been active as a manual therapist in The Hague.

Manueel therapeut in Den Haag , Adriaan Brouw

Adriaan Brouw, manual therapist in The Hague

After studying at the School for Manual Therapy Utrecht, which only uses mobilisation techniques, I had the privilege to start working with some very experienced manual therapist in The Netherlands who introduced me also to the Sickesz Method of orthomanual therapy.

I have experienced and gained knowledge from both techniques and have integrated it into my treatments. The  Sickesz  method is more efficient at treating the spine and the method of the School for Manual Therapy Utrecht is more practical in handling problems in the extremities (elbow, wrist, knees, etc …).

I am also trained in the exercise therapy method by Niek Brouw. Niek Brouw is a orthomanual doctor who over the years developed a program using exercises to improve posture and to support the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Recent studies have confirmed this approach, where the combination of manual and exercise therapy is by far the most effective in the treatment of back and neck pain.

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After these years of studying and practice, I came to find that the best way to have a body whithout problems is to combine regular check ups with regular exercising. The exercises improve your posture lowering the strains we put on our body in daily life. You could consider this as mindfulness for the body. With regular exercise you become more conscious of your body. Read more about my vision

My office is at the Colijnplein in The Hague, where I work with a few of my colleagues specialized in exercise therapy method of Niek Brouw. Click here for more information

I believe in a world where people don’t need to suffer from back pain. Is that possible?

Yes. It is all about the balance.

Our body is constantly changing and adapting to the situations you encounter on daily life. For example, if you start stretching your body will become more agile. If you start running your leg muscles will become stronger. But how do we get a balanced exercise?

By doing the Exercises Therapy, the parts of your body that have been neglected will be stimulated and the muscles that are over used will be relaxed, creating a more balanced posture.

Stress is one of the more challenging situations for our body and it is not always negative. We only need to be able to release it after a hard day of work. If this stress is not relieved it will provoke tension of muscles who in turn will provoke changes in the posture. Here you come to the essence of back pain and neck pain: bad posture is a result of muscles trying to adapt to a specific situation.

Back pain is not just an accident that happens, but is something you are developing over time. The way you deal with stress, the way you react to certain situations, your posture, the way you do sports, etc… all these circumstances affect your body.

And in order to address your problem, we need to get to the essence of it. That is how I look at your back and neck problems.

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Our therapy is covered by the Health Insurances in the Netherlands under the concept of Alternative Medicine. You can get reimbursed if you have a coverage for that and if your company has a contract with VBAG.

Normally a complete treatment will consist of 3 to 5 sessions.