The treatment of back and neck pain is essential to prevent severe problems

Our body is in a continuous process of renewal of its natural balance, in order to respond to changing circumstances.

Injuries and pain put extra strain in our body and can cause a disturbance of its natural balance.

The treatment can help you restore this balance. I use Manual and Exercise Therapy to impulse the natural change the body is going through.

Manual therapy focuses on the functioning of the joints. If a joint cannot move well the muscles have to compensate for this. In addition, nerves may become irritated causing pain. And this will provoke that the rest of the body compensates provoking more problems in the long term.

You find yourself in a vicious circle that over time expands throughout your body.

The manual therapist restores the natural function of the joints, reducing the symptoms and the body can recover its natural balance.

There are various forms of manual therapy. I myself use only the so called eggshell methods. They are mobilizations (slow movements) and no HVT (High Velocity Techniques) or cracking techniques.

I use these techniques because the cartilage surfaces in the body are 10 times smoother than ice. So I do not need to apply much pressure to get the joint back to its natural movement.

Therefore, there is no risk when applying this technique into neck problems.

The average number of treatments is from 3 to 5 sessions, depending on the severity of the problem.

Every movement in our body is a result of a complex collaboration of muscles, joints and bones. Any change of posture has an influence on this delicate system.

When any of these elements is not functioning properly, this cooperation is disrupted. It can be the cause of a recurring problem in the body.

The malfunctioning of the muscles leads to a recurring pattern of pain. To break this pattern, you need to reset the muscles to move properly again and this will take away the symptoms.

One of the most effective ways is by practicing the Exercise Therapy which can solve and prevent recurring symptoms in back and neck pain.

There are standard exercise programs on that you can practice easily at your home. But if you prefer, we can create an individual program at the office.